Emergency conditions

Traume kod pasa i mačaka

Traumatic events such as traffic accidents, stab and stab wounds, falls from a height, fights between animals – are very common in an emergency veterinary clinic. The various conditions of the organism and the injuries that occur on that occasion require the immediate intervention of a veterinarian, and the availability of emergency care for animals at any time of the day or night is of great importance.

cat injuries

Traumatic injuries in dogs and cats often affect more than one organ system. These are often polytraumas, which require rapid triage of the patient, assessment of the degree of threat to life and urgent stabilization. Only after the stabilization of vital organ systems, such as the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems, can other injuries be repaired and a treatment plan established. Trauma-surviving animals often require several days of supervision and treatment in an intensive care center. As a consequence of trauma in animals, conditions can occur that include acute bleeding that must be stopped, shock, injuries to the central nervous system, inability to breathe adequately, and all these injuries can very quickly lead to cardiac arrest and the need to resuscitate the animal.

As trauma is very stressful for the owner and the animal, it is very important to have good communication so that the owners give veterinarians the right and important information about the condition of the animal, to transport it to the emergency center as safely as possible professional help.

In traumatic conditions, the equipment that the emergency center for dogs and cats has can be of great importance for quick diagnosis and stabilization of the animal, but good training of veterinarians and quick reaction of the owner play the most important role.