Medical & Surgical Ophthalmology

Nasolacrimal duct surgery

We routinely perform reconstruction of the nasolacrimal duct after traumatic or inflammatory injuries. If the opening of the nasolacrimal duct is missing, or the duct is narrowed, the opening is surgically opened, and the duct is widened. This allows the normal flow of tears from the eye to the nose and mouth.

cataract surgery in dogs

The foreign body stuck in the duct is the frequent cause of nasolacrimal duct dysfunction.

After administration of contrast into the duct, the foreign body is localized and removed from the duct by the use of special techniques.

In some breeds of dogs, due to the conformation of the head (Maltese, Chihuahua), tears cannot enter the nasolacrimal duct and flow down the face. This leads to constant moisturizing of the delicate skin of the face and therefore dermatitis. In this case, we will advise a surgical procedure that will disposition the opening and the upper part of the nasolacrimal duct, which then becomes functional.