Medical & Surgical Ophthalmology


Schirmer test

This test serves to measure tear production. A dog with reduced tear production has endangered corneal health. The cornea becomes opaque, the dog experiences pain and tingling in the eye and due to the disturbed microbiological flora, it has a continuous or occasional mucous or purulent discharge from the eye.

placing a sirmer test in the dog’s eye

It is not uncommon for ulcers to occur in these patients. The Schirmer test helps us detect a quantitative tear film deficit. Sometimes, dogs have values within the normal limits of this test, but the quality of the tear film is poor and the dog shows typical symptoms for dry eye disease. Sometimes, dry eye disease is not primarily an eye disease but can be a consequence of a neurological or metabolic disease.

Every ophthalmic examination must include this test. More and more dogs have issues with this disease, and it is important to diagnose it in time, because the therapy which is started early provides good results.