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How to apply eye drops in dogs?

Instructions for applying local eye therapy in animals

Unfortunately, many pets are not very cooperative when it comes to the application of eye medications. That is why we always advise giving them a small reward in the form of a treat every time you treat them, which makes the pet much more cooperative during the next therapy.

To keep your pet from moving away from you, it helps to have a wall behind it while you are holding it firmly. If so, shake eye drops before use. With one hand, lift your pet's snout up and pull the upper lid until the whites become visible. With the other hand, apply one drop of the medication or the prescribed amount of ointment. After applying the medication, release the eyelid and reward the dog.

If it is necessary to put ointment, then first drip the drops and then apply the ointment. Wait at least 3-4 minutes between each medicine, ie. when you pour the drops, wait a few minutes and then apply the ointment.

You can wrap cats, small dogs and birds in a towel so that only the head protrudes