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Intensive care

Our staff is trained to care for patients who require intensive care and supervision, whether it is recovery after surgery, whether it is intensive care after trauma or severe health conditions. The most common reasons for a patient’s stay in an intensive care unit somewhere are trauma, severe acute conditions of various diseases and after surgical interventions.

preparing the dog for surgery

Each patient is carefully evaluated and a protocol for monitoring the condition and therapy is created for him. Some of the procedures performed in the intensive care unit are – control of vital biochemical parameters, gas analysis of blood, pulse oximetry, measurement of blood pressure, ECG, measurement of urine production, etc.

In addition to standard intravenous therapy with the necessary fluids, both to compensate for losses caused by certain conditions and to maintain life, the animals are given drugs depending on the specific condition in which they are and the disease due to which they are placed in the intensive care unit.

If necessary, the patient has prescribed procedures such as:

  • thoracentesis,
  • pericardiocentesis,
  • abdominocentesis,
  • blood transfusion,
  • oxygen therapy.

Once the patient is stabilized, it is referred to the chosen veterinarian, or if there is no chosen veterinarian, we will be happy to recommend colleagues who we think would best help your pet depending on the specific health problems that the animal has.