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Monitoring of postoperative patients

After the patient has undergone the operation, it takes some time for him to fully recover.

The most critical time for patients after surgical procedures is exactly a few hours after the intervention itself, and even longer, which will depend on the type of procedure to which the patient was subjected. During this period, it is necessary to closely monitor the patient and his recovery, often during the night itself.

preparing the dog for surgery

In the postoperative period, patients often require the application of a certain therapy, monitoring the return of physiological processes to normal, monitoring the patient’s morbidity, and all other important parameters so that, if there are changes that could endanger the patient, we react in time.

As not all clinics are fully equipped to perform postoperative supervision and do not have a night shift, either due to lack of equipment or staff, we offer them the possibility of transporting patients to our hospital after the intervention and supervision in the intensive care unit. Our staff is trained to respond and provide all necessary care to all types of follow-up patients if needed.

After a night spent in our hospital, the patient, in agreement with a colleague and the owners, is returned to the veterinarian who performed the intervention for further control.