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Otoscopy - Rhinoscopy on dogs and cats

One of the common reasons for an animal to come to the emergency center, but also for a visit to the vet, is the presence of a foreign body. Animals, especially dogs of certain breeds, have a tendency to take in certain inedible and edible objects that can obstruct their passage through the body.

preparing the dog for surgery

Taking out a foxtail

In addition to eating foreign objects, which is treated as a special problem in emergency veterinary medicine, there is a possibility that certain foreign objects, and in the first place plants get into natural openings such as the outer ear canal and nasal hollow.

Conditions such as these are usually not life-threatening but can cause severe discomfort in animals, and even lead to inflammatory processes with possible complications in animals. When faced with the presence of a foreign body in the ear or nose, animals are very upset and irritated because the whole process is extremely painful, they can often show a certain degree of aggression when trying to manipulate or touch the painful area, so owners are advised to be extremely careful and to seek the help of an expert as soon as possible.

We are equipped with a special device (special illuminated camera) with which we can easily and safely access a foreign body and remove it from the ear or nose, thus removing the source of discomfort and health problems for your pet. Since the manipulation of the ear and nose is extremely painful and uncomfortable for the animal, we are often forced to sedate the animal so that it does not suffer pain and so that it is calm during the entire process.