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X-ray diagnostics

Radiography is a valuable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. Radiological examination of animals can provide very important information that is not visible to the naked eye.

preparing the dog for surgery

This method of examination can be used to assess almost any organ in the body, including the heart, lungs, abdominal organs, and bones. Radiography is a painless, safe, and completely non-invasive diagnostic method that uses only small doses of radiation.

The images obtained by this examination can be used to assess the bones, as well as the size, position, and shape of many organs in the body. The size of some organs such as the heart, kidneys, or liver can be measured directly using some of the modern digital software. Also, suspicion of conditions such as the presence of foreign bodies, intestinal blockage, the presence of tumor changes, which often occur as a diagnosis in patients in the emergency center, can be established by X-ray examination.

Our clinic is equipped with the most modern digital X-ray machine, which allows us to more easily reach the diagnosis and help patients as soon as possible.

The device, which is precisely adapted to X-rays of animals, allows us a precise and clear image, storage of each patient’s data, and monitoring of the condition, which can later be of great importance for monitoring the patient’s recovery, both for the animal owner and your chosen veterinarian.